Stop the New American Censorship

Censorship is one of the most debilitating and corrupting things that can happen to a society.

More and more frequently government agencies at all levels, hospitals, universities, associations and private companies are prohibiting employees to speak to journalists without getting permission from the public information office. It’s very effective censorship, silencing thousands of people about issues that are the public’s business.

Through this restraint authorities chill the flow of information for all kinds of reasons, and for any reason at all. Public information officers act as minders to ensure employees don’t say the “wrong” thing. And there is much journalists don’t find out about what’s happening in government and other institutions that should be publically accountable.

It’s a severe infringement on the public’s right to know and on the human right of unfettered communication.

SNAC is organized to oppose this tracking and monitoring as repression that is foreign to American ideals.

Please read our “Statement Against Censorship Through PIOs.”

You can help in three ways.

  • Sign: the “Statement Against Censorship Through PIOs”
  • Donate: All donated funds will be used to publicize the issue and fight this type of censorship.
  • Keep in touch: Tell us about your experience with PIO situation. And ask to be put on our email list for updates.